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At Qui-Arte we continuously hold new Workshops offered by external artists and artisans and by our own members. These workshops develop specific techniques and each workshop follows a certain path outlined by the teacher. Here we have reported some of the workshops we held, stay updated on our next workshops on our facebook page and through Instagram. Remember that if you are interested in a technique write to us and we will try to organize a high workshop for you!



Teachings of the nodes and their composition

Teacher: Daniela Possenti

4 meetings



Japanese technique based on the idea of "giving life" to broken objects by embellishing them with dust and gold leaf

Teacher: Graziella Bellotti

2 meetings


Natural Dye 

An ancient technique with which the yarns and fabrics are colored with leaves, peels and flowers.

Teacher: Daniela Possenti

2 meetings

The next offer of this workshop will be 11-12 June 2022

Eco Botanical Print

Natural print with leaves and flowers on paper.

Teacher: Marisa Tacchi

1 meeting (limit of 6 people)

Classic Camera


When to photograph and why; look, hear and then see; photography discreet; tell without words

Teacher: Gaetano Damasi

4 meetings

Hand Embroidery


Number of meetings based on the chosen object

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